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I’m having an existential crises about my role as a woman help

2020.09.23 08:32 cyanideNsadness I’m having an existential crises about my role as a woman help

I’m 20 and I get more confused and anxious every day! I was raised in a lifestyle I didn’t believe in - where I would meet a man that works to support me while I cook, clean, raise kids, and smile. I never liked the idea, because I wanted to live my own life and discover hobbies, have financial freedom, and eventually find someone who would run alongside me instead of pulling my leash. So while I’ve already rejected that lifestyle, it is how I was raised and ever since moving out at 18 my eyes have been fucking OPENED and now I just sincerely dread the many long years I have left. What is my role?
Maybe it’s a healthcare thing, but every single one of my coworkers are hardworking women that earn the majority of the paycheck, while also doing the majority of the housework. I can count on one hand the number of people I know with functional boyfriends. All the rest are unemployed, drug addicted, abusive, or from prison. I know a variety of women from a variety of backgrounds but this one thing is constant. They all laugh about it like “haha my boyfriend can’t even make cereal without me! I have to pack his lunch and comb his hair everyday and I asked him to do the dishes but he didn’t so now I have a candy based reward system for when he gets off his video games.” Ladies what THE FUCK. Whenever I gape and say “is he really like that? That’s awful!” They shrug and smile. This is what normal is. I mean I never expected to find a hardworking provider who builds our own house and has a well paying job so I can do my nails all day. But the options are actually such complete shit. Again, I told myself, that would not be me.
Well it’s me, somewhat. I met another 20 year old guy and because of his age I give him a lot of slack, but also wonder why I can be so capable and he can’t. Unemployed. Does weed and video games all day, barely pays attention to his online classes. Doesn’t clean while I’m gone, doesn’t have dinner on the table when I come home from work, all things I was being prepared to do since I was a child. I don’t have those expectations for him, but wow I’ve found myself in the exact position as everyone else I know. Doing all the work, at home and on the job. I make full meals and desserts for us and he can’t make anything but a frozen tv snack. When someone talks about how their partner can’t operate a dishwasher or put their clothes away I have plenty of relatable experiences to share as well, sadly. I honestly think he’s a great guy, he was just raised terribly and is average man. Which seems to have pit of hell standards. I love him and see a lot of potential in him to improve, but for now I feel like his mother even though we’re the same age. And according to every single woman I’ve ever talked to, that won’t change as he ages.
I’m fed up and scared. Women have enough to deal with from men. We already work so hard, so silently, and provide so much. I don’t know where to turn because a bad man will be violent and sexually abusive, and an average man will be well meaning but lazy and incompetent. I’m sitting here, young and shocked at what I’m expected to do for the rest of my life if I want to have a relationship. I’m expected to be the mommy, maid, sex doll, provider, handy man, therapist, and Superman, and this is all best case scenario with a safe loving guy, which isn’t guaranteed. The ONLY thing I still have going to be is I’m sticking the fuck to my guns of not also being saddled with childcare on top of it all. I have an implant in for the next 5 years and will get a 10 year IUD after that. Help I’m just...exhausted already. I’m scared and resentful of men, even the nice, well meaning ones. I’m worried that at any point they’ll snap, I’m worried that normal for them is rude sex jokes and laziness. And that they’re not trying to be bad but that I will never be able to really get along and be comfortable with one. I’m tempted to date one of the women I know, but I still have to figure out how to coexist with men somehow and understand my place in this world.
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2020.09.23 08:30 abhiram222 All andrew tate courses. top quality videos. Dm me for proof

I have almost all of the Andrew Tate courses and the Godmode by Tristan Tate. The courses are with the best quality that can be found.
!For more information send me a DM!
Andrew Tate courses list:
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2020.09.23 08:22 thegabelaw I feel like such a mess

I'm so pissed. I just forgot to submit an assignment 12 minutes after the due time and had forgotten to submit another one a few days ago and I feel so let down right now. It's been like 3 weeks into online school and I really hate online learning, it just screws up my learning and my schedule and my pace so now I cannot even track of all my assignments that are due and I feel so mad that I keep on missing these important dates and times. I. CANNOT. THRIVE. AT. ALL. I just feel so unmotivated right now, does anyone else feel the same? I feel like my grades are going to be so screwed up because of the situation we are in when I know I have potential to do better if things were in-person.
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2020.09.23 08:19 reddit4275 AMBO TERNO QUATERNA CINQUINA WITH THE DATE OF BIRTH SEPTEMBER 23 - The best site for horoscopes daily, weekly, monthly, yearly online free

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2020.09.23 08:13 HoldenDarko The story of my long-term relationship ending and where I am now.

last fall, my (23M) s/o (23F) lost both her aunt and uncle to cancer. they took care of her since she was little, so they were more like her mother and father. her uncle died in october, and her aunt died 6 weeks later in november. after they passed, we moved out of our apartment and into their house in december to take care of her younger brothers. in january she became distant and told me she felt like she didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. i read articles online about how typically when someone in a relationship’s parent(s) dies, the relationship fails like 9/10 times. in april, she broke up with me, ending our 5.5 year relationship. i had moved out completely about two weeks later. it absolutely crushed me, and i went through an extremely depressive episode for a few months. i had nowhere else to go, so i ended up having to move back into my parents house until i can get back on my feet again.
my feelings about the breakup have improved, and i have been moving on and accepting that it is in my past now. i’ve been doing much better. i’ve just been focused on work and making money, and i bought myself a new car. i’m focusing on myself, and it feels like the first time in my life where i am living for myself and not for everyone else. still, life feels very stagnant now, and i feel like i have no idea what to do next or where to go from here. being single again has been nice, and i’m not focused on getting into any relationships again any time soon, but i often feel extremely alone. not lonely, but alone. when i spend time with friends, it is nice, but when i get home and i am by myself i start feeling depressed. i don’t think it’s that i immediately miss my friends or anything, but it’s just that i feel very sad when i am at home by myself. i don’t have any problems going out by myself. hell, i drove two hours to chicago the other day by myself just to get pizza because i had nothing else to do. but it is when i am at home at night, i feel very alone and hopeless.
when i was growing up, i hated being at home. when i turned 18 i moved out and it was better, but not by much. when i was about 19/20 my girlfriend and i got our place together, and it was much better. i loved being at home and it was my favorite place to be. i always knew that i was a homebody but never enjoyed my home until then.
after about 2 months, i didn’t feel so depressed anymore. after 3 months, i started to feel like i could be more social again. it has been over 5 months since the breakup and now i feel like i want to start talking to new people. my main goal isn’t to start any relationships, but if that happens naturally and it is healthy then that would be great. i haven’t been single since i was 17, and i never thought about that until now. i feel like i have no idea how to flirt or talk to new people because i never needed to do that for 5.5 years. not only that, but the last time i was flirting or making any moves was when i was 17, so i feel like could be behind on how to talk to girls being in my 20’s. i just want to meet new people, get to know them and have experiences.
it’s rough because i don’t feel myself attracted to people often at all. i mean, i see attractive girls at work and sometimes i’ll catch myself daydreaming about how beautiful they are, but then if i am around them i don’t feel any desire to make a move because they don’t seem like the kind of person i’d like to be with. even as a teenager, it always felt like it was very rare when i would actually find someone that intrigued me enough to make an effort to talk to them. i’m not interested in dating for fun or anything because personally i would prefer to date someone with the intent to stay together because i don’t want to waste time being with someone if it isn’t going to last.
i’ve been told throughout my life that i am an attractive person, but i have never really felt like it. i remember a time when i was younger, my dad was talking to his friend about me and said something like, “when i see him with other people, he’s got so many girls that are into him but he never wants anything to do with ‘em”. when my friends were cheering me up once they were telling me “i’m not gonna lie to you, chicks love you man. you could walk into any bar and pick someone up. i always hear girls saying ‘omg u/HoldenDarko is so attractive!’ i was also on the homecoming court in high school two years in a row, but felt very bad about it because i felt like i didn’t belong there. i think that because i was, that at least says i have a reputation as a respected and likeable person.
i don’t really like saying those things because i don’t want to seem egotistical or anything, but i am venting anonymously to strangers online, so there’s nothing i can really gain from that. what i am trying to say is, if i have people literally telling me i am an attractive person, how come i don’t feel like i am at all? i’m very awkward and modest and shy, and i’m really bad at small talk. i want to be able to get over all of these things to be able to get out there and meet new people.
i have kind of always felt this way, but i think the breakup i went through really messed me up and left me feeling hopeless and confused. my ex made me feel like i was a manipulative person. i am confused because i constantly wonder who was right or wrong, or if she was the one who was manipulative and made me feel bad for the things she felt bad about, or if i really am just a manipulative person. i know that i have been in the wrong before, and she has also been in the wrong before. i feel like i have no idea if i was manipulative or not and i constantly feel guilt because sometimes i feel like i am just a terrible person who made her feel bad or something. i think that i should just stop thinking about it because it is getting me nowhere, but i can’t help but wonder if i am a bad person or not. i know that i do good things for others and i try to be a good person, but deep down i just feel like i am worthless or i am truly a terrible person. i don’t want to feel like i am a bad person because my relationship failed. i just want to be the best person i can be.
thank you to anyone who has read all of this. i appreciate you. i was feeling awful so i started writing this, and at this point i am already feeling better after getting it all out.
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2020.09.23 08:10 HeisenbergCow should i give up?

Hello, I will try to summarize my case as much as possible, well the situation is the following: a friend introduced me to a girl telling me that maybe I should start dating her, well, at first I was not very sure about doing it but finally decided to so i wrote to her, we started talking, and I tried to flirt with her. I think it was unrequited, I also tried to ask her out just to see how everything was going and finally meet her so i told her that if she wanted to go with me to eat something and she accepted, we were at a certain time in a certain place, my surprise is that we see each other that day and she did not touch on the subject of the appointment, nor did she propose to go out and fulfill our commitment. I really did not do it because I felt that she had rejected me, then in that. At the moment I did not continue insisting, that same night I wrote to her that she had not wanted to go out with me, she said that she had forgotten it and that I did not remember her either so I decided to invite her for a next opportunity, she accepted again. One day before he said that he would not be able to go, but we kept talking, there was even a third attempt, also with excuses
But after that came quarantine when we started talking and we became very close, we did everything together really everything we talked from that we woke up until we fell asleep. She was always interested in talking to me, we watched movies, series, took online courses, etc.

It's finally been all this time and I've asked her on several occasions if she refused to date me and always denies it. As I am a little tired of continuing in a friendship relationship, when I have always sought to have something more, and when I obviously fell in love in quarantine, I asked a friend to ask her if she had felt anything for someone in quarantine, and she responds that the person for whom she feels something, feels it since before quarantine, and that in quarantine she feels that her feeling has been strengthened but that she was not in love. The point is that I am convinced that this person is not me, I do not understand the reasons that will lead her to continue with the idea that at some point she wanted to go out with me, if she felt things for another person.

I want him to finish all this, but to do it I do not intend to hurt him, I do not want to ghosting because I am interested, but I do not know if the right thing is to express my feelings again, and ask him that I need my space to overcome things and maybe in a future, regain a friendship. I could also wait for the quarantine to be lifted in my country and we can meet in person to try something, but I don't know, I think there is a long time for that and I am desperate.

Help me please.
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2020.09.23 08:09 TazmilyBoy iMac issue

Hey, I thought I’d come here and see if anyone else has faced a similar issue or not since looking on YouTube or forums no one else seems to be facing this issue Anyhow, my mom got herself an imac from a thrift store that powers on and works only problem is it just boots into a screen that shows 4 options Restore from time machine Reinstall OS X Get help online Disc utility I try reinstalling the OS X which says it’s Yosemite. But every time I try it says “a required download is missing “ I looked everywhere and I can’t seem to fix it I tried changing the date which was a suggestion And it seems it can’t startup boot from a startup disk Is there anything I can do to make it functional Would I have to boot from a usb and if so how? Thanks anyone who can help
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2020.09.23 08:06 Kitchencabinet121 Kitchen Remodeling - Add Value and Life to Your Home

Kitchen Remodeling - Add Value and Life to Your Home

Kitchen Remodeling is the solitary most prominent home improvement. Kitchens and also Baths are frequently integrated in a single task, yet according to Michigan Contractors, kitchen remodeling is one of the most typical demand. Kitchen remodeling is absolutely an extremely attracting project, however ensure you deal with it with a mind to maintaining the costs in check; the possible expense entailed frightens some people before they even begin. Kitchen remodeling prices are constantly most likely to be a barrier to obtaining the dream kitchen you have always desired. Kitchen remodeling is the residence renovation task that adds the most worth to your house.
It can convert an old made, dated kitchen into the showpiece of your residence. The method of how to alter the layout will certainly depend on your way of living as well as budget. Kitchen remodeling is the residence enhancement work that adds one of the most worth to your home. As a matter of fact, you'll recover 80-90% of your kitchen remodeling costs in the included value to your home - more if you're helpful adequate to do the job on your own.

Cabinets and Remodeling Depot in Tampa – One of the competent Bathroom Remodeling Tampa, Kitchen Remodeling Tampa, plywood kitchen cabinets online Tampa FL, in stock Kitchen cabinets Tampa FL, Quartz table tops Tampa FL, kitchen faucet with side sprayer installation Tampa FL, maple hardwood flooring cost Tampa FL, Best Bathroom Vanities Tampa , Valrico Florida USA area..
Kitchen remodeling is something that needs to be thoroughly planned making use of the size as well as arrangement of the room. With this one room being the center of the home, it requires to be designed with the triangle idea, which enables an individual food preparation to have simple accessibility to the sink, refrigerator, as well as oven. It's one of the most common house improvement jobs in the U.S. When asked which area in their house they would certainly most like to renovate, Americans overwhelmingly selected the kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is just one of the very best investments when it comes to both daily usage as well as rise in resale worth. Furthermore, you could be able to save on power also by selecting power effective kitchen appliances.
It is without an uncertainty among the very best investments you as a house owner can make. For the majority of property owners, the kitchen is one of the most essential space in your house. Kitchen remodeling is an excellent way for you to increase the value of your residence and to place a new spin on your old living areas. It is much more than choosing a paint color and cabinet design. The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home, so it's vital that your kitchen remodeling job lead to an area that is functional, comfy, and gorgeous to absorb all at the same time. Kitchen remodeling is one of the most extensive remodeling tasks you can undertake in any kind of house. The process involves important layout decisions regarding cabinets, counter tops, illumination, appliances, design, as well as coating therapies.

Whether your remodeling task will include a complete tear-down and rebuild or an adjustment of kitchen cabinetry, counter tops and also significant devices, you will find yourself paying top dollar for remodeling this essential area in your home. Kitchen remodeling is additionally an investment in ongoing individual enjoyment, increasing connectedness in between all members of the family and relieving the initiative (while raising the joy) of meal preparation. More home made dishes suggest less fast food. Kitchen remodeling is a difficult job that requires taking into consideration existing design, plumbing and also electrical wiring, structural elements, and also several various other crucial elements. For a project with so many considerations, it is vital that you get a kitchen remodeling professional that can take care of all the important things affected by the task, based on your vision and also budget plan. Kitchen remodeling is no tiny choice, so we're greater than happy to respond to any and all of your concerns to help you feel comfy with your own.

Address :
Cabinets and Remodeling Depot in Tampa
106 S St Cloud Ave, Valrico FL 33594
Tel: +813-651-2333
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2020.09.23 08:02 liztheteenagewitch !!!HELP!!! i've tried everything - data just is'nt working

hi techsupport,
for the past couple months i've been having issues with my data. it all started when i got a new phone, the pixel 4 (postpaid plan). from the moment i got it, the data has not worked, and after a while i just started hating the phone so i swapped with my mother so now i have a samsung s10.
i looked online to see what i could do and i've checked almost everything. i've turned it off and on, rebooted the phone and after that didn't work, rebooted the network settings. i've check the APN, auto connect, seeing if i had any overdue bills with my provider. but i'm still stuck.
i thought it might've been a sim card issue, so i got a replacement, but the issue still was there.
it shows a pop up of a signal bar with a question mark. when i click on the notification it tells me to sign into the network, brings up a page saying my account is overdue?restricted?suspended but all the links are out of date. as i've said, i should be connected to the network and my account is not overdue.
so if anyone reads my rambles, and has even the slightest clue on what the do, please help me!
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2020.09.23 07:54 kellylh5 How to spin my not-so-stellar past and current unemployment while dating?

35F from LA here. Recently single. Again. And struggling with how to explain some of my history on early dates.
For one thing: I am divorced from a 9 year relationship with my ex-husband. (Beautiful, expensive wedding that was even published in a magazine). And then had a 3 year relationship where I got engaged that recently ended. (Not my choice for that relationship to end either. He left me.)
I feel like that seems like a lot of baggage to tell a date. And I am trying different ways to make it seem like I just made a few bad picks and am trying to get it right this time around. But, I was wondering how you would best sort of brush off a long relationship history.
Meanwhile, my entire industry is unemployed due to COVID-19. (I'm in the entertainment industry.) So, of course, I am trying to find employment but it may be a few more months before things really return to normal and I work close to full time.
In the meantime, I am in the process of moving my elderly parents closer to me. So, for the rest of my life, even with several care aids, I will have some responsibility to care/make decisions for my parents. My father is very sick with Alzheimers.
I feel like despite this, I am still a catch. I am beautiful, smart, kind, financially independant and super strong. But, I have no idea how not to blow first dates. It seems like a lot for the average guy to swallow. And, I don't know how best to hide the less attractive parts of my life until the right time and play up my strengths at first.
Is there a good way to date when your life is sort of transitioning? Is it even worth using online apps at this time or should I pull back? How much of a long term relationship history is too much? Would a woman with some caregiving responsibilities or a not great career be some one you would consider asking out? I'm very attractive, so I get lots of messages. I just seem to screw up how I describe the rest of the package.
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2020.09.23 07:53 VegendaryAvocado Advice For Anyone Who Wants It

I wrote up a big, long post in response to someone asking for advice on how to improve their game play. The post was removed from my understanding but I didn't want all my time to have gone to waste so I decided to post it here in case anyone else was looking for ways to improve or for people who are interested in other people's approach and strategies. I wrote it in a direct way in my response but I don't feel like changing everything to be less personal and direct so please don't feel like I'm trying to tell you what to do or how to do it.
It's a long one, so buckle up.
Tl;Dr Spend less than you earn; buy with longevity in mind; and look at how other people succeed.
I wanna start off by saying that the high score looks people share are highlights. There's nothing wrong with that, but it isn't common to get a TL or BLIL very often, at least in my experience. I've gotten one BLIL and one TL in the four years I've been playing (lvl 60 now). So please don't feel the need to compare your scores to the really good ones people post here, those are mostly for celebrating those achievements and milestones.
Next I'd say you should figure out for yourself how important this game is to you. By that I mean you need to figure out if a TL or BLIL is what you're striving for, if you're playing for fun but hoping to get good scores, or if you're just a casual player who doesn't really care about the scores or prizes and is just there to have fun.
I'll give you suggestions as if you're gonna go hardcore. I see the benefits in joining an FB group so that you can borrow more items and get inspo, but I personally haven't ever and won't ever because I don't like FB. But if you do, it definitely seems useful and like a good way to save cash. You can also get inspo online from places like Pinterest and IG which will give you an idea of what's trending and ideas on how to pair difficult items. I think it's helpful as well to look at the Top Looks for different challenges and see what scored well for other people and how they put together an outfit together. Don't be shy to ask for advice from your fashion house. A lot of times, people have good suggestions and insights that are very helpful.
What I personally do is go through the five-six challenges within a 24 hour timeframe and choose the one with the most expensive item that I don't want to buy and I borrow it from someone in my house if they have it. I'd suggest you check if anyone has it before you buy the other challenge requirements because I've made the mistake of not checking first and then no one having that item so then I have to buy it anyways, not enter the challenge and take a loss on the other items I bought, or borrow a less expensive item and try to break even. Always borrow an item every day, though. It'll save you money and it'll keep you from having to buy something if you think it's ugly or you think you won't use it ever again. Always enter the daily challenge, always, especially if you're toggled on in a rally.
Depending on the fashion house you join, you'll have different requirements for rallies. For the time being, I'd recommend you join one that rallies on classic because it'll be easier to manage challenges that way and you'll be able to skip over expensive ones if you can't afford them.
Now on to the fun part: buying and styling. You'll notice through flashbacks that they usually require very expensive jewelry and some expensive clothing pieces. For that reason, I try to save up money or diamonds and buy expensive jewelry to not only use it to boost the season if I've gone OOS, but also so that I can potentially use it multiple more times in flashbacks. It's all about longevity and quality over quantity for me because I made some bad decisions early on that hindered me from leveling up and being able to save money to enter $200 challenges. By that I mean I look at the wearability of the item I'm buying. I look for things that I'll be able to use many, many times across many different challenges.
For dresses, I like colors like black, gray, red, pink, purple, blue, green, gold, silver, and white ballgowns/elegant dresses - black is good for any "dark, mysterious, evil, wicked, jealous, witch, magical" looks as well as vampire and halloween challenges; gray is good for "smokey, hazy, mysterious, ghost" looks; red is good for date night, anything related to fire, and "powerful, fierce, royal, sultry" looks; purple is good for "fairy, witch, goddess, whimsical, powerful" looks; pink is good for "soft, flowery, delicate, princess, maid of honor, fairy" looks; blue is good for mermaid and any water and winter looks; green is good for any nature, royalty, and holiday looks; gold is good for any "goddess, queen, classy, retro, chic, holiday, desert" looks; silver is good for any "NYE party, winter, cold, frigid" looks; and finally, white is good for "wedding, angelic, pure, ghost, icy, and retro" looks. I try to buy on the medium to high range for these items because I know they'll be useful many times across many challenges so it's better to splurge and get the beautiful, expensive ones that I know will score better than to buy the cheaper ones that'll do the job but won't be as useful or get as good of scores. I personally don't buy many short dresses because it isn't really my preference, but when I have to, I go for sequined and sparkly ones; black, red, or white ones; and ones that look good with a jacket layered over them.
In terms of jackets, I tend to buy a lot of black leather ones; nice blazers that can be used for office/professional looks; denim; and white ones that look good with jeans or over a dress.
I rarely buy shirts but when I do, I again stick to buying higher value ones that can be used for anything. Think black and white tees, nice plaid ones, any color that has such a fit and style that it looks good tucked into jeans or a skirt, and honestly any crop top that I see and like.
For sweaters I recommend neutral tones and flattering fits. I rarely buy ones with prints and stick more to ones that have a unique design such as a knot on the side. They're good to have for any fall/cozy/pajama looks.
For skirts, I typically buy medium to low range value ones that are either pencil skirts for office/professional challenges; long, flowy ones for when I need something to dress up a required shirt to make it look more elegant and classy (like "style a look for a millionaire beside a luxury pool"); and lastly a small collection of mini skirts for challenges where those would be good (like "style a look for a shopping/brunch date with friends").
For pants, I buy on the medium to high range, but I will buy cheaper ones if they're cute. I tend to stick to black, blue, and white jeans; long, flowy pants (again for "style a look for a model walking around NYC on Saturday morning") anything that can be used for hippie/traveling the world vibes; and pants that are appropriate for office/professional looks.
I have a very small collection of shorts but I stick to cute denim ones, black ones, and ones that look good for retro/pinup challenges.
Shoes. Oh, shoes. This is where Covet loves to make indistinguishable differences in shoes and make them cost $400 per pair but then require a different, seemingly duplicate, pair of shoes when it looks like you already have that exact pair. laughing, not laughing So, I recommend you choose shoes very carefully. I try to check all the challenges and see if a shoe will discreetly be required again. What I mean by this is that some challenges will give you like five or six different shoe options to buy from, but then another challenge farther down will require one of the shoes that you could have chosen from the previous challenge. Sneaky little spies they are, and I've fallen into this trap before and kicked myself for not checking other challenges first. So definitely check, lmao. Other than that, black, white, and red pumps are always useful; black and brown booties and knee high boots; sandals that'll look cute for mermaid/water challenges; and sneakers that'll look good with jeans, skirts, and the occasional dress.
I rarely buy leggings but a cute pair is useful for yoga/active challenges. There's also a nice pair that works great as a leather pants dupe that is so much more affordable. The only drawback is that you can't tuck shirts in so that can be a hassle.
Jumpsuits are nice sometimes so I have a few of those. I stay away from the ones that don't have a flattering fit and have prints. I like full length or short short ones and no in-between. There are also ones that resemble swimsuits that are very useful for magician or pop singer challenges.
Socks are pretty much useless, except for maybe one or two pairs.
It's good to have a few different colors of hosiery. Colors like black and nude, ones with a fun print that'll dress up a skirt or shorts, definitely the fishnets they have, and any that'll look good for space/retro/student challenges.
Vests can be good, just depends on what you like. I personally rarely use them aside from the Covet Collection pieces.
Swimsuits are good to have. I recommend neutral colors, as always. Specifically ones that you can put under a pair of pants or a skirt. Other than that, bikini bottoms are excellent for if you need to have some kind of bottom on under an overskirt or a pair of pantyhose but don't want to ruin your look with pants or shorts. Medium to expensive one piece suits have always been the most useful for me personally.
For bags, I buy a lot of neutral toned clutches because that's my preference, but I also buy a lot of black hand bags. I don't like crossbody bags or over-the-shoulder bags at all. It's also useful to have a couple nice backpacks.
Accessories. Some of the most interesting pieces on the game. I love hats in general so I buy a lot of hats, but again, I buy expensive ones in smaller quantities rather than every single one I can afford at the time. Floral and lace hats are amazing, definitely need those; you need a couple different good cowboy hats, beanies, maybe one or two ballcaps, and any wide brimmed hat that catches your fancy. It's also good to have one that you can use for pilot , detective, equestrian, magician, and witch looks. I also like to have a really nice one for winter looks, I forget what they're called but they're a Russian style of hat that I think is so nice and stylish.
Scarves are also useful, but they usually need to be neutral tones with minimal prints and a style that'll be good for a lot of different challenges. Think ones that are wrapped tightly like for fall/winter looks, ones that are loose and flowy for effortless but put together looks, and then small ones that look good with a dress or a shirt should a challenge require it.
Same with gloves, stick to neutral tones and flattering fits. You'll pretty much only need gloves for fall/winter looks and the occasional magician/professional of some kind (chef, doctor, detective), and sometimes royal/Victorian looks.
Glasses and sunglasses are fun and pretty useful in neutral tones. I like black, gray, and white sunglasses and black, gray, brown, and rimless glasses. The occasional pop of color is good, too, though.
And finally, the most frustrating part for last: jewelry. As I mentioned earlier, expensive pieces are more useful and have better longevity. Similarly to the shoe debacle, check all the challenges to see if one or two pieces of jewelry will be required again and then plan accordingly. I like to get pieces that you can't really see because sometimes I need to boost the season but I don't like the way a bracelet or pair of earrings clutters up my look so if it's more subtle, it's better. Other than that, I stick to silver and black because it's my preference, but gold is always useful as well as light pink. It's really up to you and what you like, but I prefer more subtle jewelry. You'll also start to notice brand trends in flashbacks, so I'd recommend paying attention to those brands and buying their jelwery if you can.
I'd recommend you buy any and all Covet Collection pieces you can because they always come in handy.
To wrap this all up, I'd recommend you look at the value of the prize compared to the amount of money you'll need to spend to fulfill requirements. So if the prize is $100 on entry and an ugly tee worth $200, but the requirements are a $150 bracelet that you'll be able to use again and a dress you already have, then to me it's worth it to enter that challenge because you'll be able to use the bracelet many times and you can use the tee to boost unworn or put it under a jacket or sweater if you need to. However, if the prize is $100 on entry and an ugly tee worth $200, but the requirements are a $400 skirt and a $300 pair of earrings, it isn't worth it to me to enter that challenge. I'd recommend doing this until you get more advanced in the game and can afford to "waste" money on an ugly requirement if you happen to like the prize.
In regards to hair and makeup, it's no secret that blonde hair almost always seems to get better scores than dark hair and especially better than any fun dyed colors. Long hair almost always scores better than short hair. Updos usually score better in office/retro challenges. Buns usually score better in space/sci-fi/student challenges. Dyed colors occasionally do good in watefire/nature/punk/pop/emo/skater challenges.
In terms of hair accessories, you'll be off to a good start if you can get a veil, the pink flower one, a crown, and a dark crown.
For makeup, it seems like neutral looks score the best. Sometimes a red lip will do okay for me, but neutral usually scores better. I try to color coordinate my outfits and match the lipstick accordingly, but sometimes it scores very poorly. You can play with fun makeup if you want, but it'll usually score poorly in my experience. I've stopped caring about the scores I get and instead style a look that I really like. So if I want to use black or gray lipstick and a smokey eye paired with silver hair, I will. Shrug
That's pretty much all I can think of at the moment. Save as much money as you can, save as many diamonds as possible, and most importantly, just have fun. It's easy to get discouraged by low scores or by comparing your look to one that has really fancy level 75 hair and makeup, but in my opinion, it's better to appreciate them from afar and keep chugging along and making your own progress. I've also found it encouraging and interesting to write down on my calendar whenever I get to the next level. It keeps things in perspective for me and helps me remember to enjoy the new hair and makeup more (in the spirit of living in the present and being mindful and grateful, ya know). It definitely helps, and it's fun to see how long it took to level up because it'll gradually take less time as you keep getting higher up.
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2020.09.23 07:52 krispyyyykremeeee Would these be dealbreakers for you?

I’d (22F) been with my ex (22M) for a little over 3 years now. I broke up with him a couple of hours ago. He doesn’t go to school. He hasn’t had a job since January 2019. And he hasn’t been actively looking despite telling me he wants to build a future for us. I recently began looking for a job and thankfully landed one at the beginning of September.
I’d only been looking for like a month and a half. Before then my last job was in February and I’ve gone through a few jobs since we’ve been dating, so I’ve been employed for most of the time. I’m also taking 5 online classes. He doesn’t do anything all day except play video games/his guitar and smoke. When his friend/bandmate hits him up they’ll go up to his friends lake house to work on their music like once a month for a few days. They’ve been “taking their music seriously” since we started dating but I never saw any progress cuz they both half ass it most of the time.
He also never really introduced me to any of his friends despite meeting all of his friends gf’s and hanging out together with them and their gf’s on multiple occasions. I felt so left out of his social circle. Other than that though he’s very sweet to me and knows how to make me feel loved but I feel like those are two problem areas I can’t seem but to feel resentment towards him for. Am I being too drastic/harsh? I still love him a lot. This was my first relationship.
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2020.09.23 07:32 IntrovertRegret What is even the point of online dating?

Every female dating profile I see, I know she has at least +10 men talking to her, instantly shattering any interest that I originally had in her.
Nothing turns me off more than having to "compete" for a woman. It sucks all the fun and excitement out of the experience. Now you're just one of the many dozens of poor idiots who has to work hard on the hamster wheel just to impress her.
How the fuck is that supposed to be fun, exciting or romantic? This is what online dating seems to be like. I would rather be desired than have to fight to prove that I should be desired to someone that doesn't desire to me.
Ugh, god. So much cancer. That is all.
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2020.09.23 07:31 InsuranceAltruistic1 I met this guy at a tennis match and he is austrian. I was reading online that austrian guys aren’t much of daters but are more into hookup culture. So i was wondering from anyone else’s perspective, is this true? How is dating in austria different than in the US?

I also read they are unfaithful?
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2020.09.23 07:30 abhiram222 All andrew tate courses. top quality videos. Dm me for proof

I have almost all of the Andrew Tate courses and the Godmode by Tristan Tate. The courses are with the best quality that can be found.
!For more information send me a DM!
Andrew Tate courses list:
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2020.09.23 07:20 stefeo ASUS Zenbook 14 Wi-Fi Issue

New ASUS Zenbook 14 UX434FL-DB77 Laptop is dropping connection to my Wi-Fi.

Happens every 15-30 minutes, internet connection will drop, and I will only connect again after I disconnect and reconnect to the network.

I've confirmed that it is not in fact my ISP or Router, as my other devices will still work and never suffer from this problem.
I've already checked if my drivers are up to date, and updated Firmware.
I have performed both 'netsh int ip reset' and 'netsh winsock reset' in CMD.
I have configured some settings on my router to make sure the connection is as constant as possible but this issue remains.

It will mainly happen when I am streaming, or watching a video, or using a web application, or playing online video games.

Can't find much current info on this issue, apart from generic 'check for updates' support threads.
Is anyone else out there experiencing this issue, or anything similar?
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2020.09.23 07:20 mainvpshosting What is URL Hijacking?

In this era where the businesses are covering the extreme point, URL hijacking is one of the most sturdy issues that is coming forward in nowadays, whether it is a Startup or a renowned organization, everyone is having their website depending according to their services, data, and customer.
More than unlike, the website is hosted daily on various servers, but the main important perspective is security. URL hijacking is the famous expedition to break down the security of the website by changing the URL of the original website, implicating and dragging the visitors from the original website to another hacked website that has not been searched by that person.
In URL hijacking the original URL is being converted to another URL i.e. Original URL is hidden and the person is pulled down to another website. So, to protect this kind of URL hijacking issues cybersecurity experts have hired that act as a savior to our website.
All the problems related to URL hijacking can be seen particularly on those kinds of websites that do not have SSL certification so this is the first problem to get into the URL hijacking. This technique is done to reduce the traffic which comes to our website to transfer your traffic to another website which is not the information you are looking about.
So we can say that your URL hijacking is a process in which the URL has been removed from the search Indian index and replaced by another URL, in this way the ranking has also been abolished and there are plenty of visitors to drop day by day.
Main VPS is there to help you out with the following points that should be kept in mind while hosting a website and preventing it from URL hijacking:
1. It is recommended to use a website firewall to protect your URL not to be redirected to another URL. This will protect you all URLs and if someone tries to replace your URL with another URL, it will act as a barrier between them.
2. It’s not suggested to connect your machine with the public LAN or Wi-Fi with a mysterious password, and your privacy creates a good source of URL conversion. People are unaware of these kinds of problems that can directly attack our machine, PC with public Wi-Fi.
3. There is a lot of software and plugins available online like websites that dance with all kinds of Malware worms and other defective threads which may affect your website that has been hosted on a server.
4. Another point to keep in mind is live software as it should be up to date because hackers mainly attack those systems which have not been updated.
5. Google is providing its feature to secure your URL and your website to stop an unwanted redirection of your URL to another URL.
This is some information that should be aware of those people who are running their website. Besides hosting and domain there are various other services needed for a website to protect and keep it safe.

#hijacking #Url #sslcertificates #securewebsite #websitehosting #hosting #Online #VPS #USA #Webhosting #mainvps #mainvpsprovider
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2020.09.23 07:19 potato_trash21 My boyfriend said he doesn’t feel loved by me

I’ve been dating a boy online for almost two months. Although it’s long distance we try to stay w each other and check up on each other all the time. Like we’d watch movies together play games together, talk and all those things. Recently he came out and told me he doesn’t feel loved by me. I’m kind of bad at expressing my emotions. I don’t think it’s my fault tho because he’d get mad everyday and i would genuinely talk to him patiently without trying to fight or anything. He was cheated in his past relationship and he’s a lil insecure. I keep telling him he’s safe with me and id love him for who he is no matter what but what do i do to make him feel loved
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2020.09.23 07:08 devmacattack Gaming PC in 1440P $1600 budget, second build but it has been a bit

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
Gaming in 1440p. Looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 and my husband will want to get a VR set for it and use for photo editing.
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
$1600 US if I cash in all my credit card rewards that would normally have gone towards travel.
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
Starting in the next couple of weeks, but waiting on RTX 3080 like a lot of other saps so watching as new stock comes in
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
ToweOS. I have a Dell S3220DGF monitor.
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
US. CA, I have a microcenter nearby but I prefer to source things online if at all possible
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
I built my current PC but it was back in early 2014 so it is time for an upgrade. If I can use my old GTX770 in this build while I wait for the new card that would be cool and mean I would start buying components sooner.
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
Bluetooth connectivity
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
Don’t need anything fancy but hopefully it isn’t terrible to look at.
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
Standard windows 10
>**Extra info or particulars:**
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2020.09.23 07:08 krung_the_almighty Pension - trying to locate my pension from my previous job

I changed jobs a few years ago and have just checked my online pension program. It starts from the date that I started my second job.
Any idea how I can find the pension payments I made from my previous employer? I have contacted their HR department but they seem a little clueless...
Thank you!
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2020.09.23 07:02 GoochMcGirk Controlling parent [34/M] makes me think I missed out a lot on life. Still mixed feelings.

So it's been around 10 years since my dad died after a stroke.
I'd like to think I have good memories of him but I still feel a bit ..... relieved. That still makes me sound awful but ...
I still feel kind of confused and lost when people talk about their family with such fondness. For context outside of my parents I never knew any other family. So when people talk about grandparents or cousins or such I never "get it". I have a sibling but they were over 12 years or so older so they were mostly gone when I was young. The only time I'd even see them for the most part is when they were in trouble .... alcohol, stealing, or drugs whatever. My dad essentially wanted nothing to do with his family and wouldn't let my mom see hers.
Before I was born and apparently when I was younger he was very much controlling and even physically abusive towards my mom and sibling. Still mostly when I was younger he treated me right. I think maybe he didn't want to be abusive like his father? For a while he did things for me. For quite a while he was about all I knew while my mom and sister stuck together while she was around.
I have to think most women couldn't of stuck with this but .... my mom was pretty much completely dependant. He did all the cooking, cleaning, and she never learned to drive.
His extreme paranoia and instability led him to move all the time. So while young it was harder to make any friends. His "collections" became an obsession and all he cared about. The house was supposed to be a museum. Furniture you couldn't sit in and random assorted "antiques" he claimed were worth way more than they were. He once had to move right away because he claimed a landlord came in while we were gone and touched something because it looked like it moved a bit.
As i got older it got worse. He allowed and enabled me missing school. I was "bullied" for a bit for the clothes I had. Even making some friends didn't last since I wasn't allowed to leave the house really. Other times "friends" stole from me.
Even starting my 20's ... I was rarely allowed to leave the house. Even trying to start work his reality was just leave when you feel like not when you are scheduled to. He still thought he had to prepare my food and cut it for me. It was WAY too much. If I wanted to even cook for myself I had to do it when he asleep. During the day he'd just pace around .... slam random things .... talk to himself and yell about relatives he hadn't seen in years and just stare at his collection. He'd spend hundreds and thousands on random antiques but would never go out to eat. Most groceries he'd just eat himself.
He'd always claimed he was in the military and a war but later learned that was mostly made up. Just like a lot his stories. The thing is I think he'd convinced himself these stories he made up were real when they weren't.
The last few years it got to a point where I couldn't go anywhere with him. He rarely cleaned himself and alway wore the same dirty sweatshirt even when it was really hot out. The rare time getting him to go out to eat he said some racist things in public which luckily noone heard. It was so damn embarassing. I can't condone this. He was in his 60s and poor shape physically but still acted like he wanted to fight everyone.
So around the time for the "last move" he hit his head really hard while trying to move things. The concussion was probably pretty bad and later I had to practically make him stop driving as he almost wrecked the car. He had pretty much blacked out. There was likely a mini stroke around then too but no idea since whenever he actually did go to the doctors he would never tell them anything that was wrong. He did have veterans care.
Then it came. Standing in the kitchen and he starts sort of shaking. Throwing up. Collapses on the floor and well ... shit himself as well. It was rather traumatic to see. I'd told my mom to call 911 right away. Some of his last words were telling us to cancel the call and he was "ok". While he's laying there and can't get up. His last real words were barely telling them his name when they came.
My mom spent a lot of time over the weeks taking rides and walking to visit in the hospital but he eventually just passed. This also probably sounds awful but I could never bring myself to visit. Maybe it was that he wasn't conscious but I just couldn't see it.
Again I feel shitty for thinking this way but it felt like freedom in a way. I got my own car finally. Did get closer to my mom and helped her out. Held some jobs. Nothing special. I feel like I've become a lot better and can be more social but I've still missed so much.
After 11 years my best friend .... a cat died earlier this year. That was probably the worst I felt. I'd sort of accepted it with my dad and a lot was his own fault for not helping himself but being helpless to help kitty really hurt.
Most friends over the years online or otherwise I've lost contact with. Some ghosted. Some used me then disappeared. I still sort of try to cling to a group I gamed with but barely have contact with now.
The whole online dating thing feels ... intimidating as an introvert that has some anxiety. uI just blank out on even making a profile. I can't think how to write a profile to make it appealing while still descriptive. While pictures are such a big thing and I don't know how to take decent pictures on my own. I don't have any real friends in the area. While it seems almost everyone is all about dogs. I deeply cared about my cat and love most animals but due to trauma from when I was young I prefer to avoid dogs.
I've never really had much confidence. I work but it's nothing special. I'm in decent shape. No bad habits or any trouble ever. Just well ... an introvert. I have no interest in bars or loud gathers with strangers. It feels like most people have these expectations I can't ever think to meet. While my bad problems with ADD and inability to focus just makes me procrastinate more. I always have 50 tabs open on browsers, and take forever to finish reading/watching/playing something due to how bad I get distracted.
I'd really just like to try relationships before it feels too late but it's like it's even harder after 30. I don't think I'm super picky, but I also don't think I have much appeal obviously. I realize not much experience can be off putting. I just still feel overwhelmed trying to start finding someone.
TLDR: my dad was super paranoid and controlling. possibly abusive but his death was still traumatic. I mimssed probably the prime of youth. I want to try relationships but don't know how to start. lack of confidence and lack of focus makes things hard.
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2020.09.23 07:01 ArenYashar Milestone Achievement

Thanks to the inspiration given because of Reddit, Youtube, and a few other sources, I have achieved my third major milestone with my worldbuilding.
The first was getting my wiki online and getting 100 articles up. The second was expanding to 250 articles. As of this moment, I have achieved 500 articles. Not all of them are long essays, and some of them are a single sentence (but, hey, how much can you say about a language that you haven't conlanged together yet? But you know it is there, who uses it, and its name...)
I thought I would share that achievement here and take a moment to give my thanks to the community.
If any of you are interested in perusing my works to date (as I have been worldbuilding since 1996 and yes, there's plenty more to do... I have yet to write up character biographies for most of the people in the world, for example), I invite you to descend the rabbit hole.
Maybe it will inspire you in your own work, prompting questions that you can pursue to make your own worlds more detailed and compelling. Maybe you will note some glaring hole in mine that I have overlooked (or just not gotten around to writing up and posting to the wiki yet). shrugs
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A Cyber Documentary of the most prolific online dating scam - Get Verified. The scam is designed to charge your credit card, even though the sites assert tha... How to go within in times of uncertainty or self-doubt. By Frances Mahan/Author/Life Coach Swipe carefully. Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE: Follow me on Instagram/Twitter: @Treynkennedy Shop my merch: Subs... - Online Dating Guide For Women Hey ladies, it’s your favourite dating coach here… of course as you guys know my name is Amy North,... Dating onli... Did you ever Consider the Idea, Your soulmate could be just a single text message away? but you are just not sure how to find that perfect match? Dating onli... Here are some online dating tips to help you get back out there. Support the channel and download the MeetMe app today: Lea... In this video we are talking about our online dating experience how we met and our story ️ IG: @2x.Moze , @Divinee_baddie This week, our coaches yank the ladies out of their respective comfort zones and help them navigate the treacherous waters of online dating. See it on Single... Hey ladies, in this video I will be giving you 6 tips when online dating / choosing someone to date, hope you enjoy ! ALSO CHECK OUT: 🌸 Story Time: I Got Ca... I really like making Top 5 or 3,if you like these videos like this one make sure to hit that like button and subscribe to be apart of the PaulsTribe :) enjoy